Pick Your Favorite Shows & Create a Personalized Feed

We've got a very exciting and cool feature on Revision3.com. As you know we have a bunch of shows here at Revision3 for you to watch, and there are numerous ways to watch them: You can watch your favorite shows here on Revision3.com, or you can go to YouTube, or if you have a Roku or TIVO you can watch them there. But one way that a large number of Revision3 fans watch our shows is via RSS through an application like Apple iTunes, where you can subscribe to a feed for each show you watch.

Now, it's easy for you to tell us what YOUR favorite Revision3 shows are. Then, we create a feed that is personalized and unique to YOU and serves you all your favorite shoes as each episode is released. You can use that feed in iTunes, Google Reader, or whatever your preferred RSS application was. Pretty cool huh?

Simply login to your Revision3 account (if you don't have one, Register now, it's easy!) and go to the "Favorites" section of your account. Tell us your favorite shows, what file format you want, and boom, we'll give you your personalized RSS feed that will give you your Revision3 fix in one handy feed.

If you don't know what RSS is, or what file format is best, that's okay, we've made it easy by providing some handy explanations and details that should help you find your way.

We hope you dig this new feature and if you have any problems or questions, just post them in the Support area of the forums or email us at support AT revision3 DOT com.