Scam School - Mind Control Scam - The Setup

  • The Setup
  • The Trick Behind the Trick
  • Examples
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Brian Brushwood is pulling another trick out of his hat.

Here is the detailed explanation of how to do the mind control scam as featured in Episode 28 of Scam School, "Mind Control Scam."

Already know how to do the trick and just want the YouTube links to use when fooling your friends? Find them here, using THE YOUTUBE CHEAT SHEET!

The Setup

Bring up the topic of mind control in a conversation with a friend. Mention that you have just seen this interview on YouTube with a guy who has had 100% success rate with it. Then ask your friend to participate in an experiment.

The Smoke and Mirrors

Ask your friend to relax by breathing deeply and closing his eyes. Explain that you're going to quote a poem.
Use these lines from Robert Frost-

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep."

Afterwards, ask him to think of one playing card. Once he tells you his final decision, start freaking out. Act like you can't believe that he has just chosen that particular card.

The Trick

When your friend starts to ask questions, explain: "That was exactly what the YouTube guy said! Here, I'll show you the interview. His name was _________."

There will be only one interview with the man with said name. In the clip, the man predicts correctly which card your friend would pick after hearing those lines of poetry. And this is where your friend should start freaking out, too.