Big Brother, Little Brother -- Rolando 2, Cellfactor, Bit.Trip Core

Matt's little bro makes a stop in town, we take a trip into the 100th WiiWare title with an interview of the creator of the Bit.Trip series and Rolando 2 rolls onto our iPhones.

There still seems to be some doubt out there as to the legitimacy of the iPhone as a "proper" gaming platform. It supports indie developers and full-fleged, iPhone exclusive development houses like NGMoco, however, and the distinction between the iPhone and it's seemingly-more-legitimate cousins from Sony and Nintendo is increasingly thin. Rolando 2 is the latest expression of this factoid and it's a big enough experience to merit it's own, full-length feature spot in this week's episode. Tiff Chow drops by to share her thoughts with Ryan.

Can the classics come back? Cellfactor: Psychokinetic Wars seems to think so in it's unabashed homage to the FPS, multiplayer experiences of yesteryear. An amazing feat as a full-on multiplayer experience via XBox Live. It throws in a lot of new ideas, but how well-executed are they? BitMob's Dan "Shoe" Hsu talks it up with Ryan and Jason on how the experience measures up.

Lastly but perhaps most-awesomely, we got some sit-down time with Gaijin Games founder Alex Neuse to talk at length about the 100th WiiWare title, the excellent second-part in the ongoing Bit.Trip series, Bit.Trip Core. It's out now, so go download it already!

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