Special: E3 Live: HALO ODST & Splinter Cell: Conviction

For those fans that may have missed our joint CO-OP/Totally Rad Show live shows at E3, we bring you the two biggest highlights, live demos of HALO ODST and Splinter Cell: Conviction.

Can you believe there's already been a full season of CO-OP? 16 full episodes of gaming awesome! We're on a break for one, brief week to recover from E3, but that doesn't mean we can just sit around gaming!

Together with our friends at The Totally Rad Show, we pulled together some live shows at this last E3. Those of you subscribing just to our RSS/iTunes feed might have missed some of the highlights, so while we're taking our mid-season break, we thought we'd bring you the two live demos we had on-set: HALO ODST and Splinter Cell: Conviction. The Bungie guys even took a few extra moments to show off some of the HALO ODST multiplayer for us!

Big thanks to everyone that made all of our E3 coverage such a success! In case you missed any of it and would like to check it out (including the full, archived versions of the live shows), go to http://revision3com/e3/ and partake!

We'll be back next week our with premiere of Season 02!

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