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  • Cyber Monday and Best Online Deals Through Christmas

    Cyber Monday (and beyond) steals and deals!


  • What Games are You Getting on Black Friday? CASUAL FRIDAY

    This week on Casual Friday, it is Black Friday. And that means consumerism, crazy deals on games, and some residiual food hangover. Did you get any games on sale today?

    Casual Friday

  • DVDO Air 3: Wireless HDMI That Works! $229 50" HDTV for Black Friday? BOSE SoundTouch vs. SONOS. LG HDTV Spying Update. Cheap US HDTVs Overseas?

    Black Friday bargain HDTV? Let's talk about that before you go wait in line. LG Stops HDTV Spying... if you update your firmware. DVDO Air 3: is this the best wireless HDMI adapter you can buy?

    HD Nation

  • Black Friday is Bullshit

    The holiday shopping season is officially upon us - and this year, it starts on Thanksgiving Day, now referred to as "Gray Thursday". Retailers like Walmart, Target, Macy's, JCPenney and others will be opening their doors on Turkey Day to squeeze a few more hours of revenue into the shopping season. But you shouldn't go, because it's going to be horrible for a number of reeasons.

    What's the Big Deal

  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Geeky Gifts for Home and Kitchen!

    In the kitchen, and around your home, there are lots of ways to express great geekiness! Here are some gift ideas to help you do it right!


  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Gifts for Mobile Geeks!

    Some geeks are always on the move, so these are our best gift picks for them - the mobile geeks of the world!


  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Fun and Funky Gifts for Geeks!

    Time to stop being practical and just have fun with your gift giving! Check out our fun and funky ideas to put a smile on any geek's face!


  • Xbox One Launch LIVE Show! Live Gameplay, Store Visits, Reviews, Impressions, and more!

    The Xbox One has arrived. Join in the fun with our three hour live celebration featuring reviews, impressions, and thoughts about the system and the games. Featuring Adam Sessler, Tara Long, Ryan O'Donnell, Jackie Talbott, Patrick Norton, and Nick Robinson.


  • Holiday Gift Guide 2013 - Gifts for Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who Geeks!

    Is your favorite geek a fan of tribbles, or are they more likely to favor sonic screwdrivers? Whichever, we've got the sci-fi gift ideas that will keep them happy on their travels through the galaxy!