Batman Battles Spider-Man to the Death!

The Dark Knight takes on your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in this epic Death Battle. Does Spider-Man have the web-balls to challenge the world's greatest detective or will Batman squash him dead?

It's Batman's brawny brains and lethal martial arts up against Spider-Man's Spider Sense and web-swinging acrobatics in this DC Vs. Marvel match up.

Considered the greatest detective in the DC Universe and one of its most formidable combatants, Batman is also backed by a substantial arsenal of gadgetry. A brilliantly cunning mind as well as an indomitable will, back this already imposing figure into battle.

Spider-Man on the other hand, was endowed with superhuman abilities similar to those of a spider, granting him enhanced strength, speed and agility to compliment his already brilliant scientific intellect. His "Spider-Sense" gives him superior awareness and his web-shooters, which are a feat of engineering, enhance his spider-like combat.

Who comes out on top in this battle of comic book icons?