X-MEN DESTINY Details Revealed! 3DS Region Locked! And How Much Are Those Games?!

Today is a very special day. Why, you might ask? Well, because Tara had a post devoted to her on 4chan last night! Whether this is the pinnacle or the nadir of our lives, we're excited - so excited that we've brought you another episode full of great news. Like all legitimate news programs we start out with a retraction of some of Monday's lies, then move on to indie game Amensia: Dark Descent making some money, take a stop in the jail to talk about Wesley Snipes' new game called JULIUS STYLES, and of course spend time talking about the 3DS. The latest news is that the 3DS will be region locked, dissuading potential importers, and that the games will cost 49.99. Ouch.

Destructoid show episode 38 - get yer cape ready!

Story #1 - Amnesia Dark Descent has sold over 200,000 copies. Super-scary downloadable game Amnesia: The Dark Descent has officially sold over 200,000 copies, and in turn saved developer Frictional Games. Good job, guys.

Story #2 - Wesley Snipes making a game from jail. Apparently it's called JULIUS STYLES, and will be available in the app store. The game also promises to pit your "street knowledge survival skills with your academic intellect and spiritual intuition."

Story #3 - Gamestop tentatively prices 3DS games at $49.99. It's far from a confirmation, but Gamestop has priced the lead 3DS games at 49.99. How do you feel about this price point?

Story #4 - 3DS may also be region locked. Another unconfirmed 3DS story, but one that is just as painful: rumor has it that the 3DS will be region locked, meaning you'll need a Japanese 3DS to play Japanese games, and so forth. So much for importing one.

Story #5 - x-Men Destiny first details revealed.Silicon Knights, the developers of Too Human, have been coy about details surrounding their next game, X-Men Destiny. Today we got the first bits of information, and, well, we're skeptical. How say you?

Story #6 - Champions Online goes free to play on January 25th. Perhaps to stave off the effects of DC Universe Online, the Cryptic developed, superhero-packed MMO is going free to play on January 25th. Will you join the fight?

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