Minecraft Airships! Dead Space Gives You The Finger! And Hero Awakened!


Minecraft Airships! Dead Space Gives You The Finger! And Hero Awakened!

What'd you guys do this weekend? If you're one of the thousands of people that joined is in our charity:water livestream, then you helped us raise over $5,000, and enough to provide clean water to an entire village. THANK YOU! Aside from livestream shenanigans, there was also a few videogame related things that happened. We found out what happens when you play Dead Space 2 on the hard(core)est difficulty, and discovered what co-creator Ian Milham thinks of a Dead Space movie. We also got news that our fearless leader Mr Destructoid is making an appearance in the forthcoming iPhone game The Blocks Cometh, and get the latest word on the Dtoid Minecraft happenings (spoiler alert: awesome things are happening). Finally, we learned that the project formerly known as Midway's Hero is back as AWAKENING, and looks pretty awesome.

Destructoid show 46, clean water edition. Lets go:

Story #1 - You guys donated $5,000 for clean water! Woohoo, we reached our goal! But our campaign still has a few days left - so go donate at mycharitywater.org/destructoidcampaign

Story #2 - The Blocks Cometh Comes with Mr. Destructoid. The forthcoming iPhone games starring Blocks, now stars Mr. Destructoid, marking his SEVENTH appearance in a video game.

Story #3 - Dead Space co-creator comments on the prospect of a Dead Space movie. Nothing is happening... yet. And if it does happen, it better be good! Sounds good to me.

Story #4 - Dead Space 2 Hard Core Mode is Incredible. Aside from limiting you to only 3 saves, you also get a foam finger that goes PEW PEW PEW.

Story #5 - Awakened is a game that may very well be brilliant. Once known as Hero, now known as Awakened, this game looks AWESOME.

Story #6 - the Destructoid Minecraft server is awesome! We've got air ships, Mega Man, Pac Man, Scrooge McDuck Banks, Sand Castles, and Enormous Trees. Want to join? Just go to minecraft.destructoid.com to sign up.

our contest's page to learn more.

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