Skyrim Squidbear! 3DS Hands On! And Bulletstorm Will Make You Rape?


Skyrim Squidbear! 3DS Hands On! And Bulletstorm Will Make You Rape?

Today marks our show's first big milestone - Episode 50!!! Thank you all so much for watching and commenting, and loving Max's nipples. We really appreciate it. To celebrate, we bought cake for everyone in the form of video game news. Delicious, cakey, news. We've got the sad news about Hudson Entertainment closing their doors, the latest "dicktittery" from Fox News as Jim Sterling might say, and exclusive scooped hands on impressions of the 3DS! Plus we check in to Max Scoville, live from France, with the latest on Elder Scrolls Skyrim. Finally, Kevin Butler had an oops. Oh well. Thanks again, and cheers to the next 50!

Destructoid show 50, 2/3 to 75. Lets go:

Story #1 - Hudson Entertainment closes its doors, all planned projects cancelled. Sad news from the house that brought you Mario Party.

Story #2 - Fox News article blames video game violence again, but this time says it increases sexual assault. Ohhh Fox - the ultimate troll.

Story #3 - Dead Space 2 Patch will let disabled gamers play. Hard to believe that it was not too long ago that EA was the evil empire. Now they're quickly responding to the community, replacing a destroyed copy of their game, and patching it facilitate disabled players needs. Props.

Story #4 - Chuck Bittner, aka Ask a Capper, is a quadriplegic gamer who has been petitioning for several months to get game companies to allow custom button remapping. Join the cause at

Story #5 - Max got to play with the 3DS, and talks about some of his impressions. Not quite as gushing as one might have expected...

Story #6 - Demon Souls Sequel "Dark Souls" details revealed. We get some new deets on the follow up to the infamously hard Demon Souls. They're saying it'll take 60 hours to beat, feature more than 3 times the number of enemies in the first game, and sadly will not have a demo.

Story #7 - New Elder Scrolls Skyrim Screenshots reveal stuff! Max traveled all the way to Paris, France to get the dirt on the latest batch of Skyrim screenshots, including the mystical Squidbear!

Story #8 - Kevin Butler retweets PS3 jailbreak code. Ooops. Turns out he is fallible.

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