Black Ops on Wii, Kobe and Kimmel fight terrorists, Super Meat Boy Charity, and Naked Dancing!


Black Ops on Wii, Kobe and Kimmel fight terrorists, Super Meat Boy Charity, and Naked Dancing!

People are going CRAZY for the Call of Duty Black Ops release tomorrow. A couple peeps robbed a Gamestop in Bel-Air, lines are forming for midnight releases as this is written, and footage has even surfaced of the elusive Wii version. A few other non-Black Ops stuff is happening: theres some new characters revealed for Tekken Tag Tournament, Destructoid and Super Meat Boy teamed up to fight Multiple Sclerosis, and Dance Central is spying on your naked body. Buckle up, its the lucky 13 edition of Destructoid!

Welcome to the 13th episode of Destructoid. Take off those crocs, and stay a while. Heres what's hot in the Dtoid news room:

Story #1 - Super Meat Boy and Destructoid team up for charity. Yeah, we raised 2k to fight MS. No big deal.

Story #2 - Kobe and Kimmel Fight Terorrism. Everyone's a soldier in this new Call of Duty: Black Ops commercial. Everyone except me :(

Story #3 - Armed Robbers Snatch 100 copies of Black Ops in Gamestop Heist. Seriously? WTF guys. Just chill for another day.

Story #4 - Wii Call of Duty Black Ops footage. The game you bought your Wii for is almost here!

Story #5 - Two new characters revealed for Tekken Tag Tournament Two.

Story #6 - New Playstation Move accessories! Who cares?

Story #7 - Do not play Dance Central naked. SPIES!

Story #8 - Miyamoto also likes to watch.

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