Arkham City EXCLUSIVE Interview: WiiU, Catwoman, and Riddler Details!


Arkham City EXCLUSIVE Interview: WiiU, Catwoman, and Riddler Details!

We got a chance to interview DAX GINN from Rocksteady Games about Batman Arkham City at E3 2011 and came away with a ton of tantalizing details. First up, Catwoman is not just a mini game, or a few missions - instead shes a full-fledged character with her own combat system and moving mechanics and will make up roughly 10% of the game's total play time. In addition, Dax hinted that the Riddler's gameplay segments were some of his favorites, featuring epic puzzles and traps that the Bat will have to avoid. Finally, we asked him about the rumor that the WiiU version of Arkham City would be the best version - watch the video to see his response!

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