Dragon Age Trickery! Nazi Dinosaurs! And River City Returns!


Dragon Age Trickery! Nazi Dinosaurs! And River City Returns!

River City Ransom is finally getting a sequel! After receiving basically no love since it's original release 20-some-odd years ago, the NES hit is getting some new lovin' - and Max couldn't be happier. Max isn't happy about everything though -- especially ridiculous PR-enforced spoiler restrictions on games that have already leaked. He took the time to express his feelings in a particularly patriotic rant in today's episode. Also in the news today are Nazi vs Dinosaur battles, the cancellation of Gun Loco, the coming of Dungeon Siege 3 comics, the trickery of Dragon Age developers, and SPORTS!

Destructoid show episode 66:

Story #1 - Activision's first kinect title based on ABC TV's Wipeout.

Story #2 - Nazis fight Dinosaurs in the latest game coming to Steam.

Story #3 - Square-Enix cancels Gun Loco.

Story #4 - Dungeon Siege 3 is coming, with comics.

Story #5 - Bioware employee caught reviewing Dragon Age 2.

Story #6 - River City Ransom is getting a sequel this summer.

Story #7 - Peter Molyneux trashes Fable 3, promises Fable 4 will be the hotness.

Story #8 - Heavy Rain creator David Cage says he invented a genre.

Story #9 - Samit Sarkar reviews MLB 11 The Show.

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