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Happy Monday! Max and Tara are back from the weekend with a cornucopia of news, including a filthy tease from Bethesda's Twitter account, details on The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition and a Super Mario Bros sequel for Wii U, a trailer for Pokemon Black/White 2, and more!

Pokemon Black/White 2 Debut Trailer Melds Old with New

The Pokemon series has a long history of repackaging old content in profitable ways. At its core, Pokemon Yellow was an "old" game, but it came with enough new features that a lot of fans considered it an essential purchase. While that title was more of a director's cut of Pokemon Red/Blue, the latest "new" Pokemon game is claiming to be a full-on sequel. From the looks of it, the game will make good on that claim in a lot for key areas. It has two new leads, a new story, new supporting characters, and all new areas to explore. For most franchises, that would be enough. (Jonathan Holmes)

Skyrim DLC TEASED? Plus Super Mario Bros on Wii U, Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 & Pokemon Black/White 2!

Monday, April 16th, 2012

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