Blizzcon MANIA! Diablo 3's Demon Hunter, new Starcraft II Mods, and Welcome Back Tara


Blizzcon MANIA! Diablo 3's Demon Hunter, new Starcraft II Mods, and Welcome Back Tara

Tara is back from Blizzcon, and she pretty much brought an entire WEATHER SYSTEM of news back for us. Get it? Weather system? It's like a Blizzard. Also, Jonathan breaks down the latest dirt on Nintendo's 3DS tilt issues, ponders Call of Duty Black Ops pirates, and prepares for John Romero to make him his bitch.

Welcome to episode 0007 of Destructoid! We've got some hot Blizzon news for you, as well as the latest on the 3DS, Call of Duty Black Ops, and an amazing Metroid halloween costume. Plus, Tara's back! WOOHOOO!

Story #1 - Miyamoto cops to 3DS issues.

Story #2 - John Romero is going to make you his bitch... on Facebook.

Story #3 - Activision takes odd strategy with Call of Duty Black Ops Pirates. DESCRIPTION

Story #4 - Forget Facebook games, bring on the Twitter games - Super Twario released for iPhone. I like Twitter WAY more than Facebook, so maybe this is the game for me?/p>

Story #5 - Awesome Samus Aran halloween costume. GodDAMN I wish I had a dad who would make me whatever crossdrossing Halloween costume I'd ask for./p>

Story #6 - PSP GO now priced at $200. Oh well./p>

Story #7 - Blizzconomics. Tara breaks down all the Blizzcon haps - most notably the new Demon Hunter class and Starcrat 2 mods./p>

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