Black Ops Zombie Monkeys! Dead Space 2 DLC! And Elder Scrolls Skyrim Combat Details!


Black Ops Zombie Monkeys! Dead Space 2 DLC! And Elder Scrolls Skyrim Combat Details!

Well, after a sexy dance with that pretty girl known as "LIVE", we're back to our regular format today, and not a moment too soon! We've got a brand new trailer for the new Black Ops DLC pack thats coming out Tuesday, as well as the details on a flamewar between noted industry douche Michael Pachter. Dead Space 2, which just got released yesterday, already has a set of DLC announced for it, entitled "SEVERED," the Kongregate gaming hub returns to the Android market, and Platnium Games announces their new game MAX ANARCHY. Plus, there's some new details on the Elder Scrolls V Skyrim combat system! Be a dear and comment the timecode so people can skip right to it! Otherwise we'd be disappointed.

Destructoid show episode 44, non-live edition! Lets go:

Story #1 - Call of Duty Black Ops FIRST STRIKE DLC Trailer. The DLC pack comes out Tuesday, and promises to have zombie monkeys, hovercrafts, and hockey rinks. Basically, it's tailor-made for me.

Story #2 - Industry Analyst Michael Pachter says PS3/PC Black Ops players are crybabies. Apparently games are supposed to be buggy!.

Story #3 - Kongregate gaming app returns to the Android market.

Story #4 - Platnium Games announces MAX ANARCHY. And of course Scoville wants a check.

Story #5 - Dead Space 2 DLC pack gets announced.

Story #6 - Elder Scrolls Skyrim Combat Details. We've got some legitimate details on how fighting will work in Skyrim. Only 10 more months to go!

Story #7 - David Yarnton claims 3DS has awesome anti-piracy techniques. Tara gives it a month.

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