Call of Duty Black Ops Leaked Video, Xbox Dashboard Gets a Makeover, and Minecraft Hell

Today on Destructoid, Jon Carnage fills in for Jonathan Holmes and madness ensues. Tara breaks down the new Minecraft update featuring Satan's realm, Call of Duty Black Ops might have Castro, JFK and Zombies, and Xbox Live gets a face lift in preperation for the Kinect release later this week. Plus, Destructoid has a drink made after it! Yay!

Jonathan is out today, but we found another Jon to fill in - meet Mr. Carnage. Carnage and Tara needed a little help to recover from a busy Halloween weekend, so they may or may not have taken shots before today's show. Excuse any slurring, as they get into that crazy Black Ops leaked video, the Minecraft Update, Marvel vs Capcom 3 news, and much more.

Story #1 - Mike Haggar might be in Marvel vs Capcom 3.

Story #2 - Fan Made Sonic Move Incoming.

Story #3 - Minecraft Halloween Update Hands On.

Story #4 - Leaked Black Ops video shows JFK, Nixon, Castro, and Zombies?.

Story #5 - Fall Xbox Dashboard Update Now Available.

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