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It's our first live show of 2012! We welcomed Anthony Carboni on the show to chat about next week's big Consumer Electronics Show, as well as talk about some details for the new turn-based XCOM: Enemy Unknown. We've also got news about Star Wars: The Old Republic's dancing exploit, Soul Calibur's tactless marketing, and Steam's amazing sales.

Really, Namco Bandai?

Apparently Namco Bandai has taken some pages from the Dead or Alive school of marketing, as this Japanese print ad for SoulCalibur V seems to carry one message; the game is entirely, completely, utterly about breasts and nothing else. (Jim Sterling)

CES 2012 Preview! XCOM Enemy Unknown Revealed, Soul Calibur Boobs, and SW:TOR's Dancing!

Friday, January 6th, 2012

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