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The rumors appear to be true: Nintendo 3DS is getting a redesign, or at least another analog stick, in the form of a clunky accessory. Plus, Dead Island PC edition had a bit of a screw up, Arkham City's emo soundtrack has been announced, and Devil May Cry tosses another "collection" on the pile.

New Game Plus in Batman Arkham City

http://www.destructoid.com/rocksteady-talks-new-game-plus-in-batman-arkham-city-210808.phtml With so many "runner" games on iOS, another one is certainly a hard sell. But there's a reason these games are so popular. It's a simple concept -- a character moves continuously from left to right at an ever-increasing speed, the player's goal to jump, slide, or whatever to avoid obstacles. The goal: get as far as possible. (Nick Chester)

3DS' Second Analog Nub, Dead Island's PC FUBAR, and Arkham City Soundtrack!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

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