Donkey Kong and Assassins Creed Reviewed! Portal 2 Delayed! Pirates of the Lego Caribbean!


Donkey Kong and Assassins Creed Reviewed! Portal 2 Delayed! Pirates of the Lego Caribbean!

Today on Destructoid, we've got a whole bushel of reviews for your enjoyment. Donkey Kong Country Reviews hits the Wii in a big way, Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood exceeds expectations while Sonic Colors does not, and EA Sports MMA looks fomidable in the ring. In soul-crushingly depressing news, Portal 2 moves a little bit further back, and the cool looking Mega Man Online is slated to be a Korean exclusive. (BTW: If any Koreans have a couch Holmes could crash on, EMAIL US!)

Welcome to the funky Friday edition of Destructoid! Today we've got Donkey Kong Country Returns and Assassin's Creed: Broterhood reviews, along with some depressing news about Portal 2. Oh, and Holmes foams at the mouth over news of Rockm--er, Mega Man Online... in Korea.

Story #1 - Pirates of the Caribbean is becoming lego-ized.

Story #2 - Nintendo finally giving us Wii Ware demos. Way to go Nintendo!

Story #3 - Mega Man/Rock Ban Online gets a leaked gameplay video.

Story #4 - Portal 2 Delayed 2 Months.

Story #5 - The Last Story looks pretty cool, has cool people working on it.

Story #6 - Microsoft wants you to order Kinect NOW.

Story #7 - Kinect is getting a Panzer Dragoon-esque game soon.

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