Uncharted 3 Gameplay Preview! Fallout New Vegas DEAD MONEY Revealed! And Dr. Dre enters the Mafia Wars


Uncharted 3 Gameplay Preview! Fallout New Vegas DEAD MONEY Revealed! And Dr. Dre enters the Mafia Wars

TGIF! Jonathan and Tara prepare for the weekend by gushing about the reason they got into game journalism: Mafia Wars! They also talk about a bevy of cheap, awesome iPhone games, the official Playstation mobile app (not as cool as it sounds), the return of Conan to gaming, the declining ratings of the Video Game Awards, and a whole lot more. We've also got some eye candy in the form of Fallout:New Vegas trailer, and direct-feed Uncharted 3 gameplay! Tara was lucky enough to be at the Uncharted 3 event last weeks, and she shares everything she knows (at least for now).

TGIMFF! Less talk, more rock:

Story #1 - Can you be gangsta and Facebook at the same time? YES!

Story #2 - Lots of iPhone games now cheap, cheap, CHEAP!

Story #3 - Playstation app coming to Android and iOS.

Story #4 - Conan returning to gaming.

Story #5 - VGA ratings drop for fourth year in a row.

Story #6 - Fallout New Vegas Dead Money DLC Trailer released.

Story #7 - Mass Effect 2 PS3 version uses Mass Effect 3 engine.

Story #8 - Uncharted 3 Gameplay Preview.

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