Dead Island First Look! Rocketboost Dirtbikes! And Walking Dead Lumbers to Consoles!


Dead Island First Look! Rocketboost Dirtbikes! And Walking Dead Lumbers to Consoles!

You guys heard about a little game called DEAD ISLAND? Oh, you have? Well, get ready to hear about it some more! Destructoid's own Hamza Aziz was lucky enough to get a hands on first look with a super early build of the game, and walked away with some hyperbolic impressions. What do you guys think? Can it live up to the hype? Speaking of Zombies, The Walking Dead is making its way to every platform possible, as is a new Jurassic Park game, from the people who brought you Back to the Future. In other news, Max reveals a deep passion for Motorstorm, mountain dew, and Ducktales. Also, is it Phil Spector, or Warren Spector? I can never remember.

Destructoid show episode 54, TGIFF. Lets go:

Story #1 - Dead Island Hands On First Look OMG. You guys know that game DEAD ISLAND that we all forgot about but then suddenly resurfaced with a mindblowingly awesome trailer? Well, Hamza got to play it. This is his story.

Story #2 - Walking Dead Invading Consoles. The Walking Dead hasn't had more than 7 or 8 episodes, but it now has a whole bevy of games coming to various consoles.

Story #3 - Telltale Games is also bringing a bunch of other games to a downloadable distributor near you. They're making a game based off the FABLES comic series, as well as a Jurassic Park game which Hamza described as "Heavy Rain, but with dinosaurs."

Story #4 - Max goes hands-on with Motorstorm Apocalypse! Turns out it loves it, along with Mountain Dew commercials, and Mad Max.

Story #5 - Sega Genesis Collection Coming to PC. Includes favorites such as Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Toejam and Earl, and many more.

Story #6 - Warren Spector pens upcoming Ducktales comic book. We LOVE Ducktales, and we love Phil Spector! ER, NO! WAIT. We love WARREN Spector. Definitely do not love that other guy.

Story #7 - New Minecraft Commercial takes a chunk out of a gangsta's head. What do you think?

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