Hot Dragon Age Sex, LA Noire Investigates, and Arkham City Date Revealed!


Hot Dragon Age Sex, LA Noire Investigates, and Arkham City Date Revealed!

Dragon Age has some pretty amazing sex scenes. If you don't believe us, stick around for the credits. Also, LA Noire looks to have 30+ hours of investigative goodness, the infamous We Dare isn't coming to the UK, and Max likes playing with Toy Soldiers. Oh, and one of our most anticipated games of the year gets a release date (spoiler: it's Arkham City).

Destructoid show episode 63: we talked about video game news.

Story #1 - PAX East is this weekend! There's gonna be a ton of hot news from games like Portal 2, Arkham City, Duke Nukem Forever, and more, so be sure to stay tuned to for the latest. .

Story #2 - LA Noire footage shows investigation gameplay. Looks really awesome, and puts to rest any concerns that this is some sort of GTA clone.

Story #3 - Toy Soldiers is shaping up nicely. Who doesn't love playing with Toy Soldiers?

Story #4 - Arkham City officially coming out October 18

Story #5 - We Dare officially not coming to the UK. Can we please stop talking about this game? So sick of it.

Story #6 - Skyrim to be more like Morrowind than Oblivion

Story #7 - Dragon Age 2 has sex scenes. We made them better.

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