3DS and Crysis 2 Reviewed, New Residents Evil, Duke Nukem Delayed, and Kratos' Kombat Fatalities!

For our 69th episode, we decided to make it EXTRA sexy. Actually, it's not that much sexier than normal. But, we do have a ton of news and reviews. Let's get to it!

Episode 69: welcome to sexy time. We've got the SHOCKING, ABSOLUTELY SHOCKING news about Duke Nukem Forever being delayed (granted, only a month), a couple of new Resident Evil games, Kratos' fatalities, Valve's aid for Japan, and some new X Men Destiny characters. Also, Max corrects his stupid joke about Metal Gear Solid from our last episode, and HEY, the 3DS is coming out. Jim's got the full review, as well as the dirt on Crysis 2, and the long-awaited Dragon Age 2 reviewed.