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We've got the first official screenshots of XCOM: Enemy Unknown! Blizzard is denying it, but a few different sources are hinting that Diablo III might get released as soon as next month, and a leaked photo gives us the details on the Aliens: Colonial Marines Collector's Edition, & more!

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Screenshots and Details

http://www.destructoid.com/xcom-enemy-unknown-screenshots-and-details-219314.phtmlFiraxis Games' XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a pleasant surprise for the people who wanted the series to come back, but not in the form of a first-person shooter. Game Informer has the first screenshots for the new game, described as a re-imagining of the beloved UFO: Enemy Unknown. (Jordan Devore)

Diablo 3's Release Date, XCOM Enemy Unknown Gameplay Deets, Aliens Colonial Marines Collectors Edition, and Dark Souls for PC!

Monday, January 9th, 2012

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