Dreamcast Lives! More Marvel vs Capcom Characters LEAKED! Plus Game of the Year Nominations!

Hey everybody, it's time for another hump day edition of the Destructoid show! Today we've got a lot of news that should appease the hardcore gamer deep, deep inside each and every one of you. Sega is teasing a new Dreamcast collection for the PS3 and 360 that should allow us to relive all the good times we had with that console, without the hassle of dealing with a VMU. Platnium Games, the guys behind Bayonetta are working on another game with Sega, we've got new trailers for Okamiden, Ghost Trick is coming to iPhone, and the newest Humble Indie Bundle is live! Also, since it's the end of the year, we're doing our Game of the Year shows soon! Check out our full list of GOTY nominations at the end of the show. Last but not least, we see the return of my favorite segment: the YouTube comment of the week!

Get ready for another Wednesday edition of the Destructoid show!

Story #1 - Dreamcast Collection coming to PS3 and 360.

Story #2 - Platnium Games and Sega are teaming up for another game.

Story #3 - Check out these new trailers for Okamiden.

Story #4 - Ghost Trick coming to iDevices.

Story #5 - Newest Humble Indie Bundle revealed, available now.

Story #6 - More Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters get leaked. Maybe.

Story #7 - Newest Humble Indie Bundle revealed, available now.

Story #8 - Check out our list of Destructoid Show Award's nominees!.

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