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Happy LEAP DAY! Max and Tara have traveled back in time to bring you the latest news on some of your favorite PC franchises from the 90s, including Mechwarrior, Sim City, Baldur's Gate, and more!

Sim City V Concept Art Leaked on NeoGAF

www.destructoid.com/details-and-art-for-simcity-5-emerge-222976.phtml A thread on NeoGAF has compiled translated information on the game from German magazine GameStar as well as some concept art. This latest installment from Maxis should be out next year, according to the publication. It sounds as if the new engine used for Sim City 5 is going to be one of the big selling points, but the graphics are not quite there yet, hence the lack of in-game screenshots thus far. (Jordan Devore)

Sim City V Details, Borderlands 2 on Steamworks, and Baldur's Gate RETURNS!

Wednesday, February 29th, 2012

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