Gran Turismo 5 Reviewed, Mario Plays Sports, and Destructoid's Minecraft Utopia!

Welcome back everyone. Jonathan and Tara are back from a long, blacked out weekend of turkey and booze, and ready to give you everything you missed in the gaming world. Gran Turismo 5 came out and was reviewed quite favorably by Dale North, Epic Mickey might not SO epic, a brand new world of Destructoid is being created in Minecraft, and Nintendo still sells consoles.

Welcome to Destructoid episode 21: Post-Thanksgiving edition! Let's get right to it, shall we?

Story #1 - Nintendo made a bunch of money over black friday.

Story #2 - Cyber (sex) Monday Deals!

Story #3 - Mario Sports Mix heading to Wii.

Story #4 - Realistic Street Fighter 4 fan art is awesome/scary.

Story #5 - Some other Super Street Fighter 4 characters got leaked.

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