Exclusive Epic Mickey preview, new Dead Space 2 trailer, and DANNY TREJO!


Exclusive Epic Mickey preview, new Dead Space 2 trailer, and DANNY TREJO!

We're back to the normal format with Jonathan and Tara today, and it feels oh-so-good. Jonathan got back to SF just in time to spill the beans on the forthcoming Epic Mickey brought to you by Warren Spector, as well as share the dirt on a scary new Dead Space 2 trailer. Plus, Microsoft has a big ego, Danny Trejo is in a videogame, and the Kinect gets reviewed.

No roundtable today! Jonathan and Tara bring you a duet of the day's videogame news and reviews, including some exclusive info from The Mouse (Disney).

Story 1 - Jonathan's preview of Epic Mickey! Jonathan just got back from a super secret preview event down at Disneyland, and shares his thoughts on Warren Spector's new game.

Story 2 - Review roundup! Kinect Sports gets a 6.5, Kinect Adventures gets a 6, and Dance Central gets an 8.

Story #3 - Does Kinect mark the end of controller gaming?.

Story #4 - Dead Rising Sun dvd coming to Japan.

Story #5 - New Silent Hill movie coming in 3d.

Story #6 - Microsoft could use a little humility.

Story #7 - New Dead Space 2 Trailer is Creepy.

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