Fallout New Vegas Boobs! The Playstation Phone! Black Ops Ladies!

Today on Destructoid, Tara and Jonathan take a look at some boobs outside New Vegas, check out the new Tomb Raider co-op DLC, and examine the newfound feminine presence in Call of Duty. Plus, they break down the latest on that crazy Playstation Phone you've heard so much about. It's a humpday Dtoid special, so lets all get naked patches!

Welcome to episode 8 of Destructoid, chock full of boobs, cave stories, black ops, and crazy phone prototypes. Lets get into it.

Story #1 - No More Heroes survives on PS3.

Story #2 - Fallout New Vegas gets obligatory nudie patch.

Story #3 - Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light gets some free DLC.

Story #4 - Cave Story jumps to DSiWare.

Story #5 - Call of Duty Black Ops has a lady in it.

Story #6 - El Shaddai director refuses to follow Western ways.

Story #7 - Playstation Phone Prototype Photos PSurface!

Story #8 - Oprah is a crazy made genius working for Microsoft.

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