Dragon Age Blowjobs! Playstation Phone Really Real! And Assassin's Creed Free DLC!


Dragon Age Blowjobs! Playstation Phone Really Real! And Assassin's Creed Free DLC!

It's the first Monday of February, and the only thing notable about that is that it means we're ONE EPISODE away from our 50th episode! Providing that Revision3 Headquarters doesn't get blown up before then, what should we do to celebrate? Let us know in the comments or give us a call at 775-553-8643. It's not all pre-anniversary talk today though - we've got some actual news for you. Most interestingly is of course the hilarious ESRB rating for Dragon Age II, which lets us know that the game will sport fellatio and "same-sex embracing." We've also got the latest from the SUPER BOWL - well, basically just that the Playstation Phone aka Xperia Play will be officially announced next week at Mobile World Congress. Finally, Assassin's Creed is almost at a million fans on Facebook, and they're gonna celebrate by giving away some free shit. Awesome!

Destructoid show 49, one short of 50. Lets go:

Story #1 - Bulletstorm team releases playable "Duty Calls" for PC. It's not quite a demo, but it is a very creative piece of marketing. The game is basically a parody of the Call of Duty series, if you couldn't tell.

Story #2 - Xperia Play Announcement Announced.As if anyone really doubted the existence of this thing at this point, but Sony Ericsson coyly announced during a creepy Super Bowl ad that the Playstation Phone aka Xperia Play would be officially revealed next week at Mobile World Congress. We'll be sure to keep you updated if anything crazy happens at the announcement.

Story #3 - Angry Birds coming to 3DS, Wii. In today's bit of Angry Birds news, we've got the totally unsurprising news that Rovio will be bringing their franchise to the 3DS and Wii later this year.

Story #4 - Tim Schafer comments on humor in games, self-censorship. Developer of Destructoid-favorites Psychonauts and Brutal Legends made some interesting points regarding self-censorship, political correctness, and comedy in games.

Story #5 - ESRB Reviews Dragon Age II, says it has fellatio and same-sex embracing. Bioware has never been shy about including some of the finer parts of human interaction and morality in their games, and the forthcoming Dragon Age II looks to be no exception. The ESRB's rating of the game included some tasty tidbits, including the promise of oral sex, and gay relationships.

Story #6 - Ubisoft looking to give away next Assassin's Creed DLC. You guys like free stuff right? Then go "like" Assassin's Creed on facebook right now, and they'll give DLC away when they hit 1 million likes.

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