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Gamescom is in full swing and we've got a TON of gaming news for you. First up, Notch has challenged Bethesda to a deathmatch - in Quake. We've got new trailers for Borderlands 2, DMC/Devil May Cry 5, Dota 2, Battlefield 3, Soul Calibur 5, and more. PLUS our full hands on preview of Saints Row the Third!

Borderlands 2 In Game Trailer

http://www.destructoid.com/this-borderlands-2-teaser-is-all-in-game-208306.phtml Borderlands 2? Yeah, kind of a big deal. Gearbox Software finally announced the game earlier this month and now they've released the first teaser. Unlike normal teasers, this one is all "in engine," according to Gearbox's Steve Gibson.(Hamza Aziz)

Borderlands 2, DMC, Dota 2, and Saints Row 3 Hands On - Gamescom Blowout!

Wednesday, August 17th, 2011

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