Very Best of GDC-Battlefield 3, Arkham City, 3DS, Xperia Play, Burgertime, and more!


Very Best of GDC-Battlefield 3, Arkham City, 3DS, Xperia Play, Burgertime, and more!

GDC is over, long live GDC. This week just blew by didn't? Well, it's never too late to look back and reminiscise about all the good times we had. Remember the first time we saw the extended Battlfield 3 Gameplay? Or how about hands on with the 3DS? Or maybe that time Max got drunk with Adam Kovic and... oh, maybe we shouldn't talk about that. Anyway, today marks our first, and probably last, GDC Awards! Max and Tara chat about some of the best things they saw this week, as well as some non-GDC news including Angry Birds, We Dare, and an awesome Steam sale. Have a weekend guys, see you Monday.

Destructoid show episode 60, end of GDC edition! Let's roll.

Story #1 - Ubisoft's sexy, raunchy party game for twelve-year-olds. The latest entry in the We Dare saga.

Story #2 - Crazy Ubisoft 4-game bundle is this weekend's Steam deal. 13 bucks gets your Assassin's Creed, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, Far Cry 2, and Call of Juarez! Hot damn...

Story #3 - Homefront is the most pre-ordered game in THQ history. Yet we don't know anyone who's pre-ordered it. Have any of you? Let us know in the comments.

Story #4 - Who Needs iOS? Angry Birds hits 30 million on Android.

Max and Tara caught up with Jeff from the Totally Rad Show to chat about everything GDC including Battlefield 3, Arkham City, and the 3Ds. Find more of Jeff at and

GDC AWARDS! Max and Tara take a look back and run down show's Best Surprise, Best Tech, Biggest Disappointment, Best Floor Thingamajig, Best Indie Awards Show Host, Best Game, and the coveted BEST EMBARGO!

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