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Saints Row the Third just had a preview event, and the game is even more insane than previously thought. Witness the naked ladies, the fists of Apocalypse, and way more craziness. Plus, we've got a PS Vita launch date for the West, Harrison Ford plays Uncharted 3, and much more.

Uncharted 3 to Have $25 Online Pass

The official PlayStation Blog has confirmed that Uncharted 3 has, as of now, seven map packs planned for it. With so much DLC it's only natural that it comes with the opportunity to get a Season Pass, right? Following suit with the likes of Mortal Kombat, L.A. Noire and Gears of War 3, Uncharted 3 will be getting a Season Pass called the Fortune Hunters' Club. (Brett Zeidler)

Saints Row the Third NEW Gameplay, PlayStation Vita Launch Date, and Uncharted 3 & Harrison Ford!

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

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