In Ubisoft's Moscow, Kinect plays you!


In Ubisoft's Moscow, Kinect plays you!

Happy Monday everyone! Today Jonathan and Tara run down the games of the week, pick on Ubisoft for making a geographical error of epic proportions, preview a crazy pro-adultery pro-drinking pro-Japanese game, and conclusively prove that the Kinect is not so interested in gaming.

Welcome to Destructoid episode 19! Let's get right to it, shall we?

Story #1 - Hey Ubisoft, maybe try looking at ma sometime.

Story #2 - Monty Python games are on the way, from the makers of Butt Scan!

Story #3 - Catherine looks a little crazy.

Story #4 - New Pokemon starters to be named today! Maybe?

Story #5 - Kinect drives itself.

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