Goldeneye and Black Ops Reviewed, LA Noire trailer, and fan-made Super Mario Bros!

We're back to the regular format for another crazy Friday full of news! We've got reviews of Goldeneye for Wii, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, and of course Call of Duty Black Ops. Also, Johnathan chats with the creator of Tetris, Miyamoto regrets Super Mario Bros 3, and Adam Sandler hates Holmes.

Take off your pants and put your seatbelt on, it's another Fancy Friday on Destructoid!

Story #1 - Tetris fights Post-traumatic stress disorder.

Story #2 - New Super Mario Bros 3 fan game rocks.

Story #3 - Armed Robbers Snatch 100 copies of Black Ops in Gamestop Heist. Seriously? WTF guys. Just chill for another day.

Story">">Story #4 - Miyamoto is not so into Super Mario Bros 3.

Story #5 - Adam Sandler is still making that Pixels movie.

Story #6 - LA Noire trailer is live, and fantastic.

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