LA Noire Gameplay Revealed! Guitar Hero is DEAD! And Requiem for a Mass Effect!


LA Noire Gameplay Revealed! Guitar Hero is DEAD! And Requiem for a Mass Effect!

TGIF! Theres a ton of news to cover today, but first and foremost we had a very special guest! That's right, we've finally given you what you all have begged us for: Tara's Mom! She stopped by the studio during a little jaunt in San Francisco and was nice enough to step in front of the camera for us. Everyone give her some love! On the news side of things, we break down the first gameplay footage from LA Noire, ponder the beauty of Cave Story in 3D, and wonder how Guitar Hero could really be dead. Plus, we have a LOGO from Halo 5, news of a new Spyro game, and the revelation that Mass Effect 3 will be scored by the amazing Clint Mansell! Now, enjoy your weekend.

Destructoid show 51, Momtoid. Lets go:

Story #1 - LA Noire Trailer Reveals First Hint of Gameplay. Although it has that whole "walking around the city with a map in the bottom right corner" thing going on, it looks like the forthcoming sandbox game will be more than carjacking and gunfights. You'll have to sit through conversations and evaluate whether someone is lying or telling the truth. We can't wait!

Story #2 - Guitar Hero is Dead, Long Live Guitar Hero. Hard to believe that the franchise that was on top of the world a few years ago is now dead. Activision killed it off, along with True Crime, and we still can't believe it!

Story #3 - Cave Story being remade for 3DS. For anyone who missed it the first time(s) around, this looks to be the definitive new version. Plus, Cave Story 2!

Story #4 - Clint Mansell Scoring Mass Effect 3 The genius behind the music of Black Swan, Requiem for a Dream, The Fountain, and Pi is scoring a video game! Awesome. Check out the credits for what it might look like...

Story #5 - New Spyro game announced, involves toy peripheral. You guys remember Spyro? Anyone?

Story #6 - A fan remade Zelda: Link's Awakening using RPG maker, and it turned out pretty well! Try and download it before it gets C&D'd.

Story #7 - Halo 5!!!1111!!! So, we don't know anything about Halo 5, but we now have a logo, straight from Microsoft HQ. Talk amongst yourselves.

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