Marvel vs Capcom 3 BLOWOUT! Playstation Phone leaks AGAIN! Plus, CES Switchblades!


Marvel vs Capcom 3 BLOWOUT! Playstation Phone leaks AGAIN! Plus, CES Switchblades!

It's the first Friday of the New Year, and doesn't it feel great? It's hard to believe that at the start of the week, there was almost nothing worth reporting about -- now we've been covered in a veritable avalanche of video-game related journalism. CES was obviously the big news in all things consumer electronics this week, and we've got a few quick hits that you need to know about (most noticeably, an amazing portable gaming machine). We're also getting closer to the first big releases of the year, including Dtoid favorite Marvel vs Capcom 3. Nick Chester has had a hand on it for a few weeks now, and we've got the gameplay footage and costumes to prove it. As if that wasn't enough, Capcom went and revealed 2 more characters for the roster, although we kinda saw that coming. Oh, and did you hear that there's a Playstation Phone coming? Well now we know that it actually plays games, and isn't just a poseur.

Destructoid show episode 36 - GO!

Story #1 - Two more characters announced for Marvel vs Capcom 3. The oft-rumored Phoenix/Jean Grey and Mike Haggar officially join the STILL not-fully-revealed lineup. Max hates Phoenix, but everyone's excited about the Hag-man.

Story #2 - Speaking of Marvel vs Capcom 3 Nick Chester has an EPIC MvC3 preview ready for you guys. Check out some copious gameplay footage, as well as lots of alternate costumes/colors.

Story #3 - Razer announces Switchblade Mobile PC Gaming platform at CES. Razer just announced the Switchblade down at CES, which we've gotta say is a pretty damn bad-ass way to play PC games on the go. No word about pricing or availability yet, but the LED keys alone have us drooling.

Story #4 - Hulu Plus, Netflix getting Kinect support in spring. CES wasn't all about awesome gaming announcements...

Story #5 - Glasses-free 3D TVs got demoed at CES too! Sony and a few other companies showed off "Future 3d" technology, which means I don't have an excuse to wear awesome glasses anymore. Some people are still excited about this.

Story #6 - AVATAR KINECT IS COMING OMGGGGG! Okay, between Hulu Plus and Netflix on Xbox Kinect AND this news, the Kinect is basically a must purchase. Avatar Kinect is your new "virtual chat room," which seems pretty pointless.

Story #7 - Playstation Phone leaked again, and this time it's actually played with! We've seen Sony Playstation Phone leaked footage before, but never with the mysterious "Playstation Pocket" app. It looks basically like a mini-Playstation Network for your phone, which, needless to say, is pretty damn cool. Too bad the device runs Sony's crappy Xperia Android skin though. Also, did you guys know that this STILL hasn't been officially announced?

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