PSP 2 Revealed! Epic's Gangbang! And Kirby's Return!


PSP 2 Revealed! Epic's Gangbang! And Kirby's Return!

Happy Friday y'all! What a crazy packed day it's been - we've got details on the new Playstation Portable 2 aka the NGP - Next Generation Portable - as well as the announcement of the Playstation Suite for Android. In more, non-official, Sony news, Engadget caught a hands on with the Playstation Phone, also known as the Xperia Play. Epic Games' Bulletstorm released a new skillisode in which we learn about the infamous GANG BANG. Finally, we've got details on new Carmen Sandiego and Oregon Trail games headed to Facebook, and a sneaky video of a new Kirby game for Wii appearing on Nintendo Japans website. Oh, and let us know how you're liking the sidebar!

Destructoid show 45, TGIF edition. Lets go:

Story #1 - Sony Announces Playstation Portable 2, Codenamed NGP. The PSP2 has been officially revealed, and it's a doozy. No word on price or release date, but we know that it packs a screen with 4x the pixels of the PSP, a well as a touchscreen on front and back of the device. Front and rear facing cameras, and motion sensitivity are also included. Some of the games revealed include a Uncharted, Killzone, Little Big Planet, and many other sony faves. Hit the link for more info.

Story #2 - Playstation Phone named Xperia Play, gets hands on. We've now got a video of the worst kept secret in Sony history, aka the Playstation Phone aka the Xperia Play. It shows the device running some emulated PS1 titles, utilizing some sweet sweet gamepad action If only there were some sort of store from which it could get new games...

Story #3 - Sony Unveils Playstation Suite. Well, look at that! Sony announced the Playstation Suite, a forthcoming mobile framework and store for gaming, which promises to include some PSOne games. They're saying it's cross-platform, but they've said that they're targeting Android primarily. Prefect for that Xperia Play we just mentioned.

Story #4 - Platnium Games' MAX ANARCHY to be called ANARCHY REIGNS in the West. Remember that game we talked about on Wednesday? Well now we've got some screenshots and a title, as well as the promise that it'll hit Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall.

Story #5 - Gang Bang is a skill in Bulletstorm. It's true. Thank you Epic, for not disappointing!

Story #6 - Oregon Trail and Carmen Sandiego headed to Facebook. Joining the ever-expanding roster of Facebook games is two of our childhood favorites, Carmen Sandiego and the Oregon Trail. Just be sure to warn your mom about dysentery.

Story #7 - New Kirby game showed off in video, headed to Wii. Finally, we've got news that theres a new Kirby game coming to the Wii. A video of the gameplay got posted to Nintendo's Japanese site, and it looks fun (and not made of yarn).

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