Pokemon Black and White! Alice: Madness Returns! Skyward Sword Fighting!


Pokemon Black and White! Alice: Madness Returns! Skyward Sword Fighting!

GDC is over, but thanks to a bunch of embargoes, we get to relive the excitement all week long. Principly among the embargoes was Alice Madness Returns, which we'll have a full preview tomorrow, but have a new gameplay trailer to show you guys. It's also a big week for game releases - Dragon Age 2, MLB 11, and, most importantly to Max, Pokemon Black and White. He gushes for far too long about it today, and Jonathan Holmes wrote a review of the American version for the site. Plus, Zelda Skyward Sword has a new gameplay trailer, Harrison Ford is making a game, and Danny B stopped by to share his love.

Destructoid show episode 61, Pokemon Black and White edition! Let's roll.

Story #1 - The week's releases! Dragon Age 2, Pokemon Black and White, and SPORTS!

Story #2 - Max is crazy for Pokemon Black and White. And Jonathan Holmes dropped a Pokemon Black and White review on you guys.

Story #3 - Zelda Master Quest confirmed for Ocarina of Time 3DS. Plus, Skyward Sword gets a new trailer!

Story #4 - Atlus' Catherine gets a US release, new trailer. Hentai boobs in full effect.

Story #5 - Alice Madness Returns gets a new gameplay trailer. Who loved the original? I can't wait!

Danny Baranowsky joins us! Go buy his music at dannybmusic.com!

Story #6 - Capcom wants the new Devil May Cry to be good Well, that's reassuring. I hope Ninja Theory does a good job!

Story #7 - Harrison Ford is making a Facebook game. It's called Ecotopia, and it's pro-environment!

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