Killzone 3 Reviewed! Battlefield 3 Revealed! And Dead Space Destroyed!


Killzone 3 Reviewed! Battlefield 3 Revealed! And Dead Space Destroyed!

We can all agree that the internet is awesome, right? Well, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, sometimes people make the internet not so awesome. Case in point: the website, which compiles some of the most horrendous xbox live messages you can find. On the flip side, the internet does ALLOW us to play KILLZONE 3 online, which Jim Sterling says is "as close to perfect as online shooters get." We talk about both of these things on today's show, as well as the revelation that Halo might be rereleased in HD this November, and confirmation that Saints Row 3 will come out this fall. We've also got the new Battlefield 3 teaser trailer, and a release date for Dungeon Siege 3. BTW, we want you guys to call our voicemail line and let us know what YOUR worst internet comment ever was.

Destructoid show 48, two short of 50. Lets go:

Story #1 - Killzone 3 gets reviewed, awarded PERFECT 10. Damn Jim! Those 10s don't go out lightly.

Story #2 - Killzone 3 Retro Map Pack DLC Announced. I guess this is like Blood Gulch for Killzone fans?

Story #3 - Adorable Puppies and Dead Space - a match made in heaven. So apparently a blogger's copy of Dead Space 2 got destroyed when her dog knocked over her Xbox. She tweeted, EA Noticed, and sent her an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the game, along with a little drawing of Isaac Clarke yelling at the dog. Amazing. .

Story #4 - - the most wretched hive of scum and villainy on Xbox live assembled for your enjoyment. This is just crazy - no wonder gamers have such a negative stigma!

Story #5 - Halo 1 rereleasing in HD. Now this is something to get excited about! The original Halo is said to be getting a rerelease in HD this fall, along with online co-op. This fall happens to mark the ten year anniversary of Halo - does that make anyone else feel really really old?.

Story #6 - Saints Row 3 confirmed for fall release.

Story #7 -Dungeon Siege 3 release date confirmed for May 31. Pre-order bonuses include a bunch of swag AND Dungeon Sieges 1 and 2, so click the link for more details.

Story #8 -Battlefield 3 announced, teaser trailer revealed. Promises up to 64 player multiplayer, and will be powered by a brand new engine.

Story #9 -New Power Rangers game announced! It'll be based off the AWESOME-looking Power Rangers samurai series coming out Nickelodeon soon.

Story #10 -RIO Super Bowl commercial includes hidden link for Angry Birds. Just please don't tell me you're watching the Super Bowl "only for the commercials." That infuriates me.

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