Red Dead Un-Dead, Marvel vs Capcom 3 Unveiling, and NBA JAM Political Unrest


Red Dead Un-Dead, Marvel vs Capcom 3 Unveiling, and NBA JAM Political Unrest

HOLY MOTHER OF GOD IT'S THE FIRST EVER EPISODE OF DESTRUCTOID!!!!! First episode includes Red Dead Redemption, Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, NBA Jam Politics and more!

Whew. Okay, take a breathe, and relax. Yes, the Destructoid show is live and you're watching it. Here's what we've got in store today:

Story #1 - Red Dead Redemption is getting downloadable zombie content. Finally! The western game we all love is making the addition we all agree it needed: the undead.

Story #2 - Marvel vs Capcom costumes unveiled. MODOK!!! We finally catch a glimpse at the new gear MODOK and Magneto are sporting in the forthcoming game.

Story #3 - Fox News freaks out about politics in NBA JAM. Hey Fox, why don't you let us handle the gaming news?

Story #4 -Archie Comics is publishing a Mega Man comic. The wait is nearing the end for the legions of Mega Man fanatics desperate for a comic book adaptation. Also, we spied Mega Man Legends 3 at New York Comic Con, and quite enjoyed ourselves.

Story #5 - X-Men Arcade finds life on XBLA and PSN. The amazing X-Men arcade game that most of you are too young to remember is coming out for XBLA and PSN soon. Time to erase that shame, youngins!

PLUS, we had a very special visit from a musical group called Hideo. They're an amazing video game orchestra, and are playing in the Bay Area this Saturday, October 16th. If you're local, this is gonna be a can't-miss event. Find out more information at

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