SKYRIM: DRAGONBORN DLC TRAILER! GTA V Pre-Orders and Wii U Kiosks Open & DmC Collector's Edition

It's Max's birthday today, and Tara's conveniently out sick, so Anthony Carboni guest-hosts. The big news is Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC, GTA V opening up for pre-orders, and Nintendo carting out some Wii U demo kiosks.

Max's birthday is today! Hey-Oh! So since Tara is out sick, our pal Anthony Carboni is guest hosting! On this episode, we take a look at Skyrim's Dragonborn DLC as well the special DMC Son of Sparda Collector's Edition, which features one piece of powerful statement jewelry! Plus, GTA V will soon be available for pre-order and Nintendo rolls out the Wii U demo kiosks!

The Destructoid Show: Episode 385: