Skyrim & Battlefield 3 Gameplay! Arkham City Impressions!And Gunstringer Previewed!


Skyrim & Battlefield 3 Gameplay! Arkham City Impressions!And Gunstringer Previewed!

Holy crap, what a ton of news we have today! OF COURSE, first and foremost is the ultra sexy Wii/PS3 Move game "WE DARE", which I hope you all have already seen. If not, don't worry - we've got the clips for you. There were also some less important videos that game out this week, including gameplay footage from little games called Elder Scrolls V Skyrim, and Battlefield 3. Finally, we've got two big previews in the way of Gunstringer for Kinect XBLA, and Batman: Arkham City. Next week: GDC! Stay tuned.

Destructoid show episode 57, OMG GAMEPLAY FOOTAGE edition. Lets go:

Story #1 - Gunstringer Gets Hands On Preview. Congratulations Twisted Pixel, you've made a Kinect game that Max Scoville wants to play.

Story #2 - Study says gamers are worse drivers than "normal" people.

Story #3 - SKYRIM! GAMEPLAY! FOOTAGE! VIDEO! OMG!. It feels like we've been waiting years for this. It's actually only been a few months, but we finally have some gameplay footage for the latest in the Elder Scrolls series.

Story #4 - BATTLEFIELD 3! GAMEPLAY! FOOTAGE! OMG!. Battlefield 3 gameplay looks pretty sweet. Which gameplay debut was more impressive?

Story #5 - 8 Bit MMORPG NEStalgia launches. What a name! Try and follow Squidbear if you can.

Story #6 - Play PS3 with your iOS device.

Story #7 - Ubisoft's Sexy Raunchy Party Game for 12 year olds - We Dare. We've since learned that We Dare will not be making it to the US, but we can still dream, can't we?

Story #8 - Batman Arkham City Previewed! Hamza got to take a peak at the first chapter... the lucky bastard.

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