Leaked Black Ops DLC, Dress Like Solid Snake, and FREE Mass Effect!


Leaked Black Ops DLC, Dress Like Solid Snake, and FREE Mass Effect!

The Black Ops DLC train keeps on rolling, and with map teases like "Survive Call of the Dead," "Raid the Stockpile," and "Seize the Zoo," we can't wait. We also can't wait for a brand new clothing line inspired by Metal Gear Solid! Coming soon to a convention near you. We've also got a brand new indie game for the Show and Tell segment, some news on what comes after Gears of War 3, a way to get Mass Effect 2 for FREE, and why it's now cheaper to become an Xbox developer. Enjoy.

Episode 74 of the Destructoid Show:

New Black Ops DLC pack leaked! May feature the undead.


Gears of War 3 not the last in the series


New Xbox 360 Dev Kit is cheaper, still very expensive


Mass Effect 2 free on PC to all Dragon Age 2 owners


Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker has a clothing line - for men!


Indie Game Show and Tell: Vizati

Check out this week's indie show and tell, Vizati at http://vizati.differentpixel.com/ available for PC, Windows Phone 7, and iOS.

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