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Happy Monday folks! We're back with news about South Park's intriguing RPG, a new teaser trailer for The Last of Us, a quick preview of Xbox's imminent dashboard update, and the winner of our Astro A40's contest! Let's get to it.

New South Park RPG Sounds... Awesome?

Like a real RPG, the main character in South Park will be a silent protagonist, and will be chosen and fully customized by the player from one of five classes (Adventurer, Rogue, Paladan, Wizard, or a fifth class made up by Cartman.). That character will deal with enemy encounters that are visible on a map, and will be brought to battles that are said to be a lot like the Paper Mario games, meaning that timed button presses will bring about hit bonuses. (Dale North)

South Park's RPG Gameplay Details, The Last of Us, Xbox's New Dashboard, and More!

Monday, December 5th, 2011

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