Inception The Game, Banana Currency, and Bit.Trip Exclusives!


Inception The Game, Banana Currency, and Bit.Trip Exclusives!

Today we managed to squeeze a whole lot of news into a tight, tight fit. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only tight fit. Aside from the obvious, cataclysmic fashion implications of today's episode, Jonathan and Tara manged to chat about the possibilities of an Inception game teased by Christopher Nolan, an exclusive chat with Bit.Trip developers about the future of the franchise, and a totally awesome Donkey Kong promotion going on in the UK. Tighten the jeggings, cause it's on like Donkey K- WAIT NO!! We almost violated some trademarks there.

Welcome to Destructoid episode 22! Ever wonder the key to Jonathan's success?? Prepare yourself for the reveal of Holmes' secret weapon.

Story #1 - Inception is getting its own videogame.

Story #2 - Bit.Trip exclusive details.

Story #3 - 5th Cell developer trolls Kinect and Move.

Story #4 - Kinect sells well, big fucking deal.

Story #5 - Playstation Move might or might not be selling well.">Story #6 - Sega announces action move trope game Binary Domain.

Story #7 - Buy Donkey Kong Country Returns with bananas.

Story #8 - Even more secret Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters revealed.

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