Super Meat Boy vs Tofu vs Bieber vs Minecraft, Uncharted's Marky Mark, and Ms Splosion Man!

Happy Friday everyone. No jeggings today, but Jonathan and Tara get to embrace their Super Meat Boy fanboyism with some news on Peta's Super Tofu Boy and Mr. Minecraft as an unlockable character. Plus they chat about the possibly ill-fated Uncharted movie, the genius of Ms. Splosion Man, the potential wonder of an Adventure Time game, and the majesty of the vuvuzela. Oh, and there's roleplaying. Everyone likes roleplaying.

Fire up the grill and toss on the Tofu, it's time for a Friday Desturctoid!

Story #1 - Super Meat Boy parodies Peta's Tofu Boy.

Story #2 - Mr Minecraft is basically Super Meat Boy's god mode.

Story #3 - Adventure Time game might actually be happening. Thanks Anthony Carboni of Revision3's Bytejacker!

Story #4 - Ubisoft trolls pirates.

Story #5 - Splosion Man sequel revealed: say hello to Ms Splosion Man.

Story #6 - Uncharted Movie will probably suck.

Story #7 - Raskulls (featuring Mr. Destructoid) comes out December 29th.

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