Fallout New Vegas Bugs, Jim Cramer Trollin', and new Bioshock Infinite Screens

Tara is off at Blizzcon, so the lovely Max Scoville steps into the hot pants to assist Jonathan in running down the hot new newsiness on today's Destructoid. We run down the forthcoming Fallout New Vegas patch, check out Jim Cramer going crazy, peep some Bioshock Infinite screens, and show you an awesome EXCLUSIVE trailer for Dungeon Defenders.

We miss Tara, but the video game world stops for no one. Here's what Max and Jonathan chat about today:

Story #1 - Playstation Move Moves a Million Units.

Story #2 - Purty New Bioshock Infinite Screens.

Story #3 - Billy Joel is Coming to Rock Band 3.

Story #4 - Fallout New Vegas Has Crazy Bugs.

Story #5 - Red Dead Redemption Zombie Download.

Story #6 - Community Made Content Making Bank in Team Fortress 2.

Story #7 - Street Fighter Player Plays Chun Li into Crazy Combo.

Story #8 - Jim Cramer Trolls on Activision and EA.

Story #9 - 3 Mega Man Legends 3 Final Characters.