Duke Nukem Makes You Spank! From Dust Creates Life! And Angry Birds Is Over!


Duke Nukem Makes You Spank! From Dust Creates Life! And Angry Birds Is Over!

The 3DS is nearly upon us, and we are ready to embrace the world of glasses-free 3d. Thankfully you can try it out already if Nintendo is having one of their handy 3ds kiosks near you. Be smart, kids - try before you buy. Also, remember that game From Dust? The one by the French dude who made Another World? Well we got a new batch of screenshots to breathe in, and it's looking as lustful as ever. Plus, a possible Hitman 5 screenshot, an Angry Birds successor, and the revelation that Duke Nukem makes you spank women. All this and more, coming up on Destructoid!

Destructoid show episode 67:

Story #1 - The 3DS is finally coming out this week! You may be able to try before you buy at a kiosk near you.

Story #2 - Is this our first look at Hitman 5? It really could be a still from Hitman 1 through 4, or even from the movie. But still, tantalizing!

Story #3 - From Dust still looks too good to be true.

Story #4 - Angry Birds is the new Super Mario Bros.

Story #5 - Duke Nukem Multiplayer details revealed. There will be a demo before release. There will also be spanking.

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