Electrocuted Ewoks, Marvel vs Meat Boy, and Wii Fingerbangers!

Back to the present, thank god! Today Jonathan and Tara revel in the glory of a visit from No More Heroes developers Grasshopper Manufacture, chat about new character reveals for Marvel vs Capcom 3 AND Super Meat Boy, and discuss the demise of the ill-fated Nintendo peripheral Wii Speak. Tara also wishes there was some other, more private periphs available.

We found our way back to the present; aren't you glad? The future was scary, wasn't it? Well, no bother, we're back, we're real, and we're fabulous.

Story #1 - Grasshopper came to our house!

Story #2 - Nintendo discourages developers from using Wii Speak.

Story #3 - Two new characters announced for Super Meat Boy PC!

Story #4 - New Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters leaked!

Story #5 - PS2 is still the most popular console in Japan.

Story #6 - Kinect beating Move in the motion wars.

Story #7 - Electrocute Ewoks in Force Unleashed 2 DLC.

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