Electrocuted Ewoks, Marvel vs Meat Boy, and Wii Fingerbangers!


Electrocuted Ewoks, Marvel vs Meat Boy, and Wii Fingerbangers!

Back to the present, thank god! Today Jonathan and Tara revel in the glory of a visit from No More Heroes developers Grasshopper Manufacture, chat about new character reveals for Marvel vs Capcom 3 AND Super Meat Boy, and discuss the demise of the ill-fated Nintendo peripheral Wii Speak. Tara also wishes there was some other, more private periphs available.

We found our way back to the present; aren't you glad? The future was scary, wasn't it? Well, no bother, we're back, we're real, and we're fabulous.

Story #1 - Grasshopper came to our house!

Story #2 - Nintendo discourages developers from using Wii Speak.

Story #3 - Two new characters announced for Super Meat Boy PC!

Story #4 - New Marvel vs Capcom 3 characters leaked!

Story #5 - PS2 is still the most popular console in Japan.

Story #6 - Kinect beating Move in the motion wars.

Story #7 - Electrocute Ewoks in Force Unleashed 2 DLC.

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